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      Conveying engineering and plant construction

      Our focus is especially on turnkey complete plants in different fields in mechanical conveying Systems. Particulary it concerns to plants for transportation, processing and storage of grain, milling products and concentrated feed. Also we are dealing with projects in the fields of biomass combined heat and power stations and biofuels. Here we can fall back
      upon  a wide spectrum of our basic components as trough conveyors, elevators, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bins and silos. Even we deliver a big program of  individual machines, for example mixing screws, pellet cooler, high performance separator, segment conveyors, loading-, receiption- and unloading systems. Taking account of actual regulations and norms (ATEX), our products will be adjusted individual to each  case of application. Individual items could be also designed and produced in a short time. We are producing a robust and constant quality, painted, galvanized or in stainless steel. We are  happy to find solutions in all new fields.

      Robust and reliable industrial and building systems, especially designed against your wishes!

      Anlage 1

      Complete Silo plants ...

      with powerful conveying system

      Anlage 2

      Loading plants ...

      Consisting of movable trough or segment conveyor with telescopic tube and aspiration


      Anlage 3

      Conveying systems ...

      for ship loading and unloading plants

      Anlage 4

      Storage technology ...

      Conveying and processing plant for biomass heat and power station


      Anlage 5

      Processing technology ...

      Conveying and storage technology for biodiesel and bioethanol plants


      Unloading systems ...

      For storage buildings in the fields of residual timber application and grain industry

      Receiption systems ...

      and cleaning systems for grain coverage

      Discharge systems ...

      Dosing and conveying systems for mills and storgehouses.

      Technical equipment ...

      for food producing stations movable weighing mixing tank


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